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Any experience with Loyola University or John Jay College of Criminal Justice?


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My dd, a rising senior in high school, is interested in lab sciences (forensics and medical) as her major and leaning strongly toward forensics. She does not want to go to school in the south (where many of the top forensic science programs are). She is looking at Loyola University in Chicago (where my aunt lives) and John Jay College of Criminal Justice (in NYC where my BILs and SIL and some close friends live). Loyola is right where she is at in terms of her stats. Anyone have any experience with either of these schools in general? Any other northern schools with forensic science degrees we should consider?

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Has she researched the different forensic specialties/careers within forensic science? It is similar to pre-med and pre-law in that not directly majoring generically in forensic science would be a better option. Here is one article  I found in a quick search: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-degree-do-you-need-for-a-forensic-science-career-974627

Yrs ago I had s dd who thought that was the career she wanted to pursue. She attended an S(state)BI  presentation. They emphasized not majoring in forensics but in the field of interest (like chemistry, physics, psychology, etc.) and focus on criminal justice as electives, grad school, internships, etc.

She might try contacting a local law enforcement office or research the SBI for job requirements, etc.

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