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August 3rd ACT will reopen again for testing scheduling.  Hm.  Do we think the test dates will stand? Our state Board of Regents is offering the ACT administered through the three state colleges with permission from the ACT.  The tests ($80/no writing, normally $55 from ACT) will have August test dates.  The ACT will offer additional dates through Sept. and Oct.

I'm certain the BoR sponsored tests will happen while I am less certain of the ACT dates.  However, my skepticism - a more expensive test, little control over sending scores, etc.  

Weighing this today.......  Thoughts?

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Have you checked if the state college testing allows any score sending? When I saw an option like that, ACT said the score would only be good at the college that gave the test.

Eta: I remember that option because it would work for my senior since she is only applying to the one state college near us & needs the ACT for placement & scholarship application.

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