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If you usually do Easter baskets, what are you doing?

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I have college kids, but they lucked out because I had to go to the grocery today, lol. 

If we didn't have candy, we'd probably have a baking session. 

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1 hour ago, Sherry in OH said:


Yes, you can use gel food coloring instead of liquid.  The proportions of water and vinegar are the same for both.  You can also use, Kool-Aid powder, coffee, tea, onion skins or beets.  If you don't have any of those items you can use crayons or non-toxic markers.  Colored pencils also work if you don't press too hard.


Spinach will make green! 

White crayons will resist the coloring and make a nice pattern.


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Ugh. I’m soooo glad my kids are grown and I won’t have disappointed little guys. I got a variety bag of candy at Costco yesterday and I’ll make lamb. We just watched the weird socially distant THURSDAY service from Rome. If DS wants to color eggs, we’ll do food coloring and vinegar. 

Dd is still at school and alone in her apartment. I’m just going to ask her for ideas since we won’t be with her for the first time ever at Easter. 

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