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Which AP Physics to prep for Physics SAT Subject Test

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Now that the college board is offering some online review,  


was thinking this might help DS who only has Honors Physics this year and was hoping to take the Physics Subject test in June. Which one of these AP Physics classes best correlates with the material to be covered on the subject test. He isn't getting much out of the review book he's trying to read but since school has been canceled due to COVID doubt he can count on the online instruction to cover the material.


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I think I've read that the old Physics B test is the closest. The Kid used the multiple choice questions from those old tests (still up on the College Board site) as extra prep for the SAT. Kathy at one point recommended the website of an AP physics teacher with lots of good materials, which the Kid also used. (I think her name was Doris or Dolores or something like that...I'll see if I can turn it up for you.)

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