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Winter Promise American Story 1


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thoughts? I am looking and looking for history that has non fiction picture books/living books that are high interest, projects/crafts, can adapt to 1st and 4th grade (emphasis on being good fit for the 4th grader), and language arts if included (would be nice) can be adjusted for my dyslexic 4th grader and also my ahead of his age first grader. It looks like it also includes science, somewhat light but that's fine, as we do a lot of science videos already. 

I think it really looks up my kids' alley,  although I think I will do something else for language arts for my first grader, I'm picky about phonics and such. I think he'll be using Abecedarian B and still don't know about handwriting for him, I think I actually already have one for him. The LA looks okay for my 4th grader, but we'd have to go down a level, and use 3rd grade. And I'd stick with AAS for her spelling, so mainly we'd be using it for the grammar, writing, and reading schedule. And add in a cursive workbook. 

Math will be Teaching Textbooks for DD I think, she likes being independent and liked the look of it, and I THINK Good and the Beautiful for 1st grader. 

Edit: Nevermind! All the picture books are gone!!!! It's their book, with tons of typos I'm finding in the samples, and things to "cut out" that are printed on the same page as other things you need to do, etc etc. Back to Biblioplan I think. 

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WP AS1 - I bought the old version about 4 years ago. I fell in love with the stacks of real picture books!  I loved the idea that they would learn about Native American history. The LA looked so cute with all the animals!  I bought the whole set and ordered ALL of the books for the year from Amazon. 

Then, we started the year.  Things didn’t line up. We would read about one group of Native Americans and do a notebook page about another group.  The Read Aloud was about a totally different group. Unfortunately the curriculum plans didn’t have the flow that the “American Story” needed and were not aligned well.  Soon my kids were confused and so was I. (It was a pretty curriculum though!). The LA was okay, but a lot of reading.  I really don’t remember much from the science.  We packed it all up and sold what we could after about 6 weeks.

Fast forward - Last year I bought the LA readers (Pine Nut Park) for my daughter. I paid so much for these, but my daughter loves them. The rest of the LA just isn’t our cup of tea.  ALSO, WP has been REDESIGNED!  They changed from assigning reading from all of those beautiful picture books to assigning reading from the books that they (WP) have written. There are still some extra books assigned, but not the beautiful stack of picture books.  I prefer having my kids exposed to the point of view from many different authors rather than one so WP no longer appeals to me.

So, if you’re reading past reviews, be aware that it’s probably a very different curriculum and experience now. Some might love the new design.  I would try to find reviews specific to the revised version, though. 

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