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Music Theory Curriculum?

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I'm looking for a music theory curriculum that I'm pretty sure I heard about on these boards. It was mostly aimed at younger children (as young as K4 I believe but up through elementary and maybe even middle school) It had flashcards or a card game of some sort that you reviewed daily, that was one component, and there were also other activities for learning music theory. It wasn't instrument specific that I remember. Just general theory. On a weird side note, I remember the website was predominantly red but that of course could have changed by now. And if I'm not confusing this curriculum with another curriculum, it was made by two moms who had music backgrounds. Anyone recognize this curriculum?

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Hi there, 

I don’t know the website you are looking for. I personally use Royal Conservatory music theory books for my 7 year old, along with his piano.  It’s been going well. 

I know there’s a book that’s basically red on the cover and it comes with flash cards and stuff... I thought it starts with L, but can’t remember the name. It’s a popular book.....

I found below link helpful, when I am stuck. They have lots of music related websites. Check it out and hope you can find what you are looking for. 


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