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  1. I recently came across Mosdos for my 3rd grader. I looked at the sample and liked the look of it. It's a big investment, esp if you want to get everything. I am debating whether I should get it or not. It was recommended on Timberdoodle. You may want to take a look at it and see if you like it.
  2. I apologize, if the topic is not well related to this forum. I have been thinking a lot about this and thought I would ask for some advice. I have a 7 year old boy who has been playing hockey and soccer, since he was 5. He plays hockey year around and plays soccer in the summer. He's an excellent skater with good speed. His skillset is above average. He seems to like hockey and soccer. He gets up at 6:00 in the morning to go to a session at 7:00 am. He doesn't complain a word about getting up early. He actually looks excited and gets ready to go. The problem comes, when it's game time. He doesn't actively participate in the game. He just skates around and doesn't go after the puck. It's painful to watch. I don't see any other kids doing it. All the other kids are going after the puck and trying to contribute, while he just circles around. He comes out and says his teammate was saying they lost because of him. Then, he becomes sad. Sometimes he says that "I'm horrible at this" or "I'm not a good player." I'm worried this is going to affect his self-esteem. Same thing happens in soccer. He runs around and doesn't go after the ball. He's not engaged in the game. Same thing. It's painful to watch. We have had numerous discussions about team work and work ethics. We even started a reward system to motivate him. I ask him every season if he wants to sign up for next season. I secretly want him to say no, but his answer has been always yes. I thought it was a skill issue. We put him into group lessons in late spring and summer. His skill set is above average. I know he can do it, because, when they play 3 on 3 for whatever reason (short of players, etc), he is actively engaged and even does a hat trick (3 goals). Even in soccer, there was one game they had to play 3 on 3 and he was fine. I wonder if he doesn't like body contacts and wants to maintain his personal space in games. Maybe there are too many kids going after the puck, he doesn't want to be squeezed in there. Next year, he is going to start a sparring session in Tae Kwon Do. I am hoping that it would help with this personal space issue. I just want him to be able to enjoy sports and stay active. If he is not good at team sports, he can do individualized sports, like swimming or Taekwondo. I have no issue with it. The issue I'm having is that he wants to continue, yet he gets discouraged by negative comments from teammates and then it affects his confidence and self-esteem. I feel, as a parent, I should know how to guide him to make better choices and I wonder if I should guide him away from team sports. When he first signed up for hockey, they had an education session for parents, which basically said that good kids will dominate the game at first and your kids may not enjoy it as much, but when they hit 10, they will get it. While this sounds very promising and positive, I haven't met anyone with similar experience yet. Does anyone have similar experience? Does it improve as they grow up? Once they are 10, do they start to get it and get better? Is it worth to continue, because he wants to, even if it affects his self esteem and confidence? Should I guide him into something else?
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