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Need ideas for 4th of July!!!


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Well here, there's a parade and a car show along with some other activities into early afternoon.  Dh wants to have another neighborhood party (it's been YEARS!); I'm thinking an ice cream sundae party late afternoon would be a good time to sit down/get to know neighbors and share some ice cream, before every heads out to the fireworks.  Everyone could bring a topping while we get the bucket of ice cream.  Everyone needs to bring their own chairs, too.  We had these parties years back, and we and our co-hosts, one of our neighbors, walk around the neighborhood hand delivering invites. 

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We are going to my parent's house for a BBQ.  I think dad is doing ribs of some kind.  Everyone else will bring something to share.  I am going to do a tray of strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles, hopefully with all gluten free ingredient for my sister.  I am also thinking probably a three layer white cake with blueberry and strawberry fillings and either strawberry buttercream or white chocolate.  My brother always makes homemade ice cream.

I don't do a lot of decoration.  I would like to get a flag to put out this year.  I also have a table runner that I embroidered and put out.  Sometimes I look for festive candles to set out.  My mom usually does candles, tablecloths, flags, and such.  She likes to have seasonal stuff year round.

We always buy fireworks and I let the kids each choose one or two.  DH always likes the individual balls that shoot up in the air.  This year things are pretty dry so we are going to make sure everything is sprayed down well.  We are in a new neighborhood this year and I have heard that you can sit in your backyard and see tons of fireworks without having to buy your own.

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