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What's with the ads?


Bright and Quirky Conference + homeschooling

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5 hours ago, prairiewindmomma said:

YeS! ME TOO! I started skipping the first couple of minutes because I couldn't take it anymore.


4 hours ago, hepatica said:

This is funny! I also skipped ahead every time to avoid the intro. I just chalked it up to my own overly sensitive nature, but the music was like fingers on a chalkboard to me.


Even if we are overly sensitive like some of our 2E kids, I think they should rethink that intro for next year!  It doesn’t seem to me to be useful as a way to sell their paid access pass and IdeaLab to have such an irritating advert.  


Meanwhile I just listened to the Laura Krastner talk and am looking at one of her books considering getting it.  

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As a parent of a teen boy, I am finding the Ashanti Branch talk wonderful.

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