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Need help choosing excerpts

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As part of a 9th grade English & Lit credit, I am using Twenty-Five Books That Shaped America (Foster).  Because the credit also includes Figuratively Speaking w/American short stories, The Lively Art of Writing, grammar & diagramming, and spelling & vocabulary, we are using 25 Books for exposure purposes. I need to choose representative chapter(s) so DS can get a feel for the language, and then we will watch the movie, when possible.

So, for example, for The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin we only read Part One. Now I need to choose a selection from The Last of the Mohicans and I am having trouble deciding.  I can't find any recommendations online. Do you think there are more important chapters to give preference to, or just do the first?

(I know that I am using a lot of resources, but I have used them before and can do so efficiently.  Take my word, please, that they are either very much needed or enjoyed.  25 Books is the only one I don't have prior experience with.)

Many thanks -- LL

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Have you looked at some American literature anthologies? Bedford or Norton? See if your library has something like that. Especially with American lit, I suspect many of the 25 books would be there. The college anthologies often have thoughtfully adapted excerpts. I haven't seen either American anthology, but I prefer Bedford to Norton for the world lit anthologies because of paper quality, text size and choice of authors for translated works.

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