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  1. Could any of the math gurus here help me out? I am trying to decide if a text I picked up from a free bin is worth keeping: Modern Plane Geometry for College Students by Herman R Hyatt and Charles C Carico, copyright 1967. I cannot find any reviews. It was with a couple of old physics texts that I know are worth it, so I thought there was a chance. We will be starting high school geometry (with a different program) this month (and running through Dec. -- we school year 'round). I thought this might provide a deeper experience, after, if we have time. Much thanks -- LL
  2. Farrar is right -- not all courses are available on Plus, so you need to check availability, if you are set on one or more in particular. For example, I wish Plus offered Economics, 3rd Ed. However, there are also courses on Plus that are not on the regular website, too. An example that comes to mind is Great Guitarists: Stories and Styles (or some such). But you can access the Guide through Plus. There's an icon right under the viewing screen that says Guidebook. We use it all the time, but I have never printed it. HTH -- LL (Ok, I see now I'm late off the mark, but I'm posting anyway!
  3. I'm going to suggest Life on Air by David Attenborough. The print is very small, though, so we are listening to it -- 16 cds and read by Attenborough, too. Very well received at my house. I heard of it here at the WTM.
  4. Bumping this so maybe someone who can help will see it.
  5. MamaSprout, that is a good idea. I'm going to try that. Thank you -- LL
  6. As part of a 9th grade English & Lit credit, I am using Twenty-Five Books That Shaped America (Foster). Because the credit also includes Figuratively Speaking w/American short stories, The Lively Art of Writing, grammar & diagramming, and spelling & vocabulary, we are using 25 Books for exposure purposes. I need to choose representative chapter(s) so DS can get a feel for the language, and then we will watch the movie, when possible. So, for example, for The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin we only read Part One. Now I need to choose a selection from The Last of the Mohicans and I am having trouble deciding. I can't find any recommendations online. Do you think there are more important chapters to give preference to, or just do the first? (I know that I am using a lot of resources, but I have used them before and can do so efficiently. Take my word, please, that they are either very much needed or enjoyed. 25 Books is the only one I don't have prior experience with.) Many thanks -- LL
  7. This sounds like what DS did, and I called it "Integrated Fitness & Health." HTH -- LL
  8. I am not brave enough to click on those links. However, I did pitch in to help my youngest buy Shatner Claus on vinyl for my DH this Christmas. You could wait a whole year and get him back when he doesn't have his defenses up. -- LL
  9. I used The Christmas Story: Told Through Paintings (Metropolitan Museum of Art) several years ago with kids from elementary to high school age. The Christmas Story HTH, LLucy
  10. Of course The Great Courses has a series of 24 lectures The Philosophy of Humor, which I think you can preview on their website. I have not used these so cannot say if they would appeal. My husband took a course about humor in fiction when he was at Rensselaer, and one of the books used was Comedy: Plays, Theory, and Criticism by Felheim, 1962, which is still available on Amazon, but I'm not seeing any reviews. You are right -- I think the pickings are slim, and I'm not sure why. This would really have appealed to my oldest DS. HTH, LLucy
  11. The Egypt Game was well loved at our house and hasn't been mentioned yet I believe.
  12. As my reply, I share with you a bookmarked thread . I had one particularly one-sided, STEM-oriented child, and I find it inspiring reading. Note especially Tsuga's and Hunter's contributions. -- LL
  13. Thank you! Trying this now for the WTM thread and again for the list . LL
  14. I wish I knew how to do links. I have a bookmarked thread from WTM 2015 titled "American music history help?" by Dulce Domem that you may find useful. I also have bookmarked a list from Wildwood Curriculum of songs by historical era. Good luck with your plans! LL
  15. I checked with DS because I did not want to rely on my memory alone, but he was not much help. He watched them 5 years ago. He remembers information but does not really evaluate content the way a parent would. I do not remember anything inappropriate. I think it more depends on individual temperament and interest. The website has reviews that might help more than I have been able to. --LL
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