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Looking for recommendations for a book on Yellowstone vacation


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can't rec a book.   we stayed in a condo in west yellowstone.  it's like two miles from the gate.  good little town, but we just didn't do much there.

nw corner for best wolf viewing.

canyon of the yellowstone river just as the sun hits it (will vary according to when you're there), - makes a rainbown

some rivers you can swim in, so bring suits. (very signed and posted.)

if you want to stop and watch the wildlife on the side of the road - pull OFF the road.  the number of people who would just stop in the road- and block traffic (the back up could last for MILES)

there are a couple different outfitters within the park for horsesback riding

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Bring binoculars in addition to a camera if at all possible.

We went for the second time this past fall and spent a week.  We flew into Salt Lake City, rented a car and drove up.  We made sure it was 4 wheel drive because it was to close to the first snow of the year and I was concerned, although we didn't end up needing it.  Buy a National Parks Pass it is worth it.  We spent some time in Grand Teton Village, some time in a cabin at Lake Lodge and we spent a night or 2 outside the east entrance of the park.  It was so split up because I was trying to be economical and hadn't started planning soon enough.  The restaurants were crowded and overpriced, we had planned on sandwiches for several meals and eating at the restaurants part of the time, which worked out pretty well.

We purchased an audio tour app from Gypsy guide for both the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone that we were happy with.

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