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"Free" hotel in Asheville, NC in coloful foliage -- interested?


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Hi Everyone,

This would be a gorgeous experience for a couple, but bringing one child is fine!

I'll try to keep this succinct: I'm a member on TrustedHousesitters.com. (I babysit a pet for free in, say, Paris, and the owners get free pet sitting while they travel.)

A homeowner -- with a pearl-colored standard poodle and a sweet calico cat -- approached me this morning saying that they're traveling very last minute and would I be interested in visiting Asheville, NC and staying with their babies the week of Oct. 24 to Oct. 31?

The home itself -- I can see from pictures on the site -- is beautiful with a totally modern kitchen with granite counters. The couple's profile says, "Our home is beautiful, peaceful, and spacious with three bedrooms and two baths upstairs, plus a finished downstairs guest room/den/full bathroom. We're on a tree-filled acre with a stream running at the bottom of the property. The neighborhood is quiet, lush, and safe. The queen guest room and bath are downstairs, with sliders to a deck, and upstairs are two offices plus an enclosed Moroccan porch. The kitchen is high-end with an induction stove and lots of amenities."

I've done one pet sit for a family in Richmond, VA -- so that my boys could visit their friends. And what an amazing experience I had. You have to really enjoy/love/cherish animals. WE didn't have to pay a dime in hotel costs and I saved a fortune preparing food in their kitchen.

I took care of the homeowner's two dogs, two cats and a turtle for a week while they visited family out of state. It's totally free and a win/win for both parties.

Normally you would become a member of TrustedHousesitters.com, but since this is so last-minute, contact me and I'll set you up with the homeowner (who will send you information about them and photos). My email: Sunni@Calweb.com

She's requesting that if you're bringing a child, that you only bring one because the calico is skittish.

I hope this sounds fun to someone!


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