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Good test review ideas

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I teach a class of 16 physics students at our co-op, and I'm having problems with my voice. I have reflux affecting it, and I just started medicine today. 

What are some good test review ideas that will be effective but have me talking at a minimum? We need to review a lot of content and some math problems. I like for things to be fun, too, but it's more important that it's effective. I only have a small board in the classroom, I think 3ft by 4 ft. 

Thanks for your input!

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I searched for Minute to Win it games on Pinterest and then adapted to fit the topic of my class.



Jeopardy-style game (lots of work, though)

Write questions on a paper plate, attach a spinner and then offer 'points' for correct answers to the question the spinner lands on.

We've played spoons where the cards are terms written in different ways and the students have to get two or three matches before they can grab a spoon.

I've found escape room challenges on Teachers Pay Teachers that were a lot of fun.

Make a large paper cube with questions on each side to be tossed around the classroom.

Sorry about the reflux!  Hope you get lots of relief soon. 

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