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Free Orton-Gillingham Program?


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I remember someone posting a link to a free Orton-Gillingham based reading program awhile back.   Would anyone happen to know what I am talking about?  :)  

We are using the "I See Sam" books to teach reading to my 5-year-old son, but I would like to add in a few more OG concepts to our instructional time.   I think he could benefit from a more multi-sensory approach to phonics.  



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Yup, the MA Rooney materials are free. Also do the Barton student screening to make sure you don't have some foundational issues that need to be addressed first. 

Fwiw, the I See Sam books were *not* a good fit for my dyslexic ds. He could read a word a ton of times in the book and then still have no clue what the word was, which is really typical for dyslexia. For him, moving over to OG and getting rid of the picture prompts so he had to decode was better.

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