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8.5x11 monthly calendar,2 pages, with BIG squares? purchase or print; nothing but big squares needed


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I really want an 8.5x11 monthly calendar with squares as big as possible, and I really don't want to create it. 2 pages per month.  All I need are the squares, I don't need a notes section or a giant margin or whatever. 

Free is awesome but I don't mind paying and I don't mind printing. I will punch these and put them in my discbound notebook, so printing is actually preferable. I'll go undated if that's the only way to get bigger squares, but I prefer dated. 

Hook me up, people! 

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23 minutes ago, Ailaena said:

2 pages?   Here’s just squares, is this what you mean?  You want them bigger?



This in two-page format would be ideal for me (like each month takes two pages instead of one). 

13 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

i am sure you can find what you want with one of those.  Also though, word and excel probably have some templates too. 



I will check them out!

Edited to add: Why so much blank space at the bottom? Make my squares bigger! I may see how hard it is to customize. But, shoot, I don't see two pages per month. 

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22 minutes ago, Ailaena said:


Ooh, a pretty one, too! 

20 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:


Yes, this is what I'm talking about. 

I'm going to print and compare, lol. Thanks, y'all, my google-fu was failing me. 

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I'm such a nerd. Nothing is making me happy, so I made a quick-n-dirty undated one in Word. 

In case anyone wants one that is really plain but pretty big squares, this is what I did: 

  • I combined Saturday and Sunday, so each page is three columns. Left page is M/T/W and right page is Th/F/S&S. This works for me and adds a good bit of space. 
  • 6 rows. First row has the day of the week printed and is .38" tall. Next 5 rows are the date squares and they are 1.9" tall. 
  • Margins at .4 all around. 
  • Have the left page and the right page be part of the same document and print double-sided. 
  • The squares are big enough to easily write in 9-5, 9-6, and so on. I'm not talented, so I write this in erasable pen, lol. 

And that's my plain but big monthly calendar for now. The margins leave plenty of space for punching three-hole or discbound. I forgot to center the table on the page so my bottom margin is bigger than my top, but I only printed a couple of months so I will go ahead and try it. 

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