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Irasshai/Japanese help

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My DD is doing and very excited about learning Japanese this year for her foreign language.  We were all set up to go through the Irasshai series.  It's been going.....okay.

She loves the videos and Sensei Cook, but we're struggling a bit with the textbook and workbook.  Their layout is difficult to follow and use.

How did any of you other users use the textbook and workbook to make it flow better?  Or did anybody add any other resources that worked out better?

Thank you for your help.  I really don't want to have DD start dreading the one subject she is showing an interest in.

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On 8/24/2018 at 3:16 PM, Slache said:

Irassai was not a good fit here, but this is going well. Maybe you can glean something from it.

Thanks! I loved that and I haven't tried to learn Japanese for years. I recently quit learning Italian, but hey! it's all possible! Just keep swimming! Now if I could just figure out a job that would let me move to all there cool places and pay my living expenses...

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