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Do you know someone who will sell your stuff for you on CL?


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A friend told me several years ago that she knew someone who would sell your stuff for you on CL/ebay and take a cut and give you the rest.  She doesn't live near me and doesn't remember much about the details now as she never used the person.  

Do you know anyone like that?  How would I go about finding someone?  I have a lot to purge and with working full time, really don't have the time or energy to meet people who don't show up, wait for people, etc.....If I had someone I could just hang stuff to.......and get some $$ back for some of the more expensive items.......

Any info you have to help me would be great.  (suggestions on how to sell myself won't work.  I have been trying, but it is just too much for me right now.)

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I know someone who does or used to do this, though I didn’t have her do it for me. She told me about it at homeschool co-op. I think she may not do it now, though, because she is working FT now.

I also knew of a friend who contracted with an estate liquidator when her husband died. He did this with all her dh’s tools/equipment/electronics, etc. So maybe that is a way to find someone - look for Estate Liquidators offering services. 

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