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Literacy convention exhibitor list

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I'm working backward through the list and finding neat stuff!

https://www.click2houston.com/video/write-brain-books  This is a video about Write Brain books. She has picture books that your dc puts narrative to and then they publish it! Looks snazzy. I think maybe there are also levels of curriculum for it.

Woodfrost is an author site, but one of the guy's poem's is in the Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry. Since people had been mentioning poetry books lately, that might interest someone.

Townsend Press has a vocabulary series that looks nicely done. It looks like it has a lot of levels, so I need to see where it starts. It finishes with a gr 12/13 book.

Done for the night. I'll keep plowing through tomorrow. They had a LOT of vendors there, wow!

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Songlake Books has grade leveled reading collections. I assumed they'd be their self-published lists, but it's other publishers. Think Sonlight, only longer lists and maybe 4 per grade. Only K to 4th, still they're books you might have or can get easily.

Sleeping Bear Press https://sleepingbearpress.com/teaching_guides These are teaching guides to go with books they publish. I think these are books we can probably get through the library. For instance, they have a guide for A is For Arches, and it's turning it into a state study with nice mid-elementary activities. Very rich hidden resource here.

https://www.reallygoodstuff.com/games-and-activities/c/b/ It's like Lakeshore Learning.

http://peachtree-online.com has books for purposes (transitioning from picture books to chapter books, etc.) and I can find them through my library.

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