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bonus worksheets Latin for Children C---where??

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Please tell me these exist. I relied on them heavily for LFC-A and LFC-B especially for extra translation exercises.  They are not on the CAP website.  If they don't exist, is there any other resource I can use so I don't have to create these from scratch?  Maybe something another teacher created?  TIA!!!


Update: CAP does not have one.

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30 minutes ago, dmmetler said:

Have you checked Teachers Pay Teachers? You may be able to find something at the right level, at least. 


I tried there and there is nothing when I search for Latin for Children. When I search for just "Latin" I get a bunch of Greek and Latin roots worksheets. I did find three sellers when I looked for "Classical Latin" but nothing was what I needed. It may be the search function is not that good.

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