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There are guides with activities available for CHOW.  I think there is even a poster here on WTM forums that has made one you can purchase at Lulu, but I've seen them elsewhere.

Both are meant to be world history but CHOW is a little more European-centric, and as a result the narrative is tighter.  It reads more like a story or connected history. It's more clearly a story of the west, it's not attempting to tell the story of Africa or Asia or any other place except as it relates to the main narrative.

I've used it with grade 1 kids who enjoyed it but it really will depend on the child.  I think the writing in CHOW is better than SOTW, which for some reason is full of unnecessary exclamation marks.

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My six year old boy has been listening to CHOW on audible and doing SOTW 2 as a read aloud with narration. He likes them both fine but I'm also not expecting much from him. CHOW is better for reading or listening straight through. SOTW is better for a bit more details and we sometimes follow up with videos on you tube.

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