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Best prep for college algebra CLEP? xposted to college

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dd has roughly two weeks to prepare; she has 80% of the college algebra course "mastered" on ALEKS. She could go a bit longer if needed, I just want her to have a solid break before starting college. She had a fun but unexpected vacation last week that put her a bit behind where we want to be. 

Are the official materials the best way to prep?  

Anyone use anything else amazing? 

Ideally, it would be able to take into account her current skills and the amount of time she has to prep, which the ACT online prep was able to do (I'm pretty sure). 

It doesn't need to be free, passing this will save us a chunk of change so I'm happy to pay. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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With two weeks to go, I'd lean toward the REA materials. They offer online practice tests if you can't get your hands on the physical book right away. (not free, but low cost)   Also check your local library system if they offer the Peterson's clep practice exams.  Our library system has those under an online section of Testing in the state wide electronic library.  Not the ones with a system called "learning express hub".  don't go with those.  But Peterson brand.   If you know someone who has the DIVE cd for Saxon Alg 2,you could do that as well for last lessons and practice.  The dive cd is what my oldest used for her college algebra clep prep. After completing saxon alg 2, she went through the 20 lessons on there and then practice and took test and passed.

Oh, you'll want to find the official calculator to practice.  You have to get a code each day you want to use it (not a big deal on that. it's free to use, they just email the code).  I had one window open with the calculator while Middle gal did the PreCalc clep.  (When oldest did college alg it was a different site to use) try this https://ibt2calc.ets.org/

I don't know how aleks and clep go together.  haven't quite used that.

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Thank you! I don't know why, but I'm not getting notifications when someone responds to me . . . 

The REA online diagnostic test looks very promising. ALEKS lets you pick what topics to study (from a "ready to learn" list), so that might save a bit of time. 

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