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Question about computer security and autofill for all of you computer experts


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My brother was ordering something last night on Chrome. The autofill completed the form with the information of the next door neighbor kid. Is there any way for this information to be on my brother's computer other than this kid breaking into my brother's house and using my brother's computer?


My brother is wondering if the neighbor kid was using my brother's Wi-Fi from the neighbor's own computer if there is any way for the autofill to be completed on my brother's computer. I don't think that there is any way for autofill to be completed other than if the information had been entered before on that specific computer. Is there a scenario where the autofill can be filled on a computer where that info was never entered?

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Is the boy friends with your brother's kids?  Maybe they (or your SIL?) let him use the computer to order a Christmas gift for his parents without them knowing about it?  That's the only non-problematic possibility I can think of....

No, this boy is not a friend.

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