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Home hair color- how often can you dye? Semi permanent?


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DD colored her hair 4 weeks ago with a semi permanent color - an auburn but it’s way more red than she prefers. She’s a light brown and wants a deeper dark brown but we are gradually headed there.


Today we dyed it with a semi permanent medium brown and it deepened it a smidge but still very red!


How soon can we re/dye witha permanent darker shade? I’m assuming a permanent, darker shade is the only option to really darken it and cover up the red. My understanding is that if you are lifting color or bleaching you can dye darker as often as you want- assuming hair is healthy.


Any experts?

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I think at this point I would take her to a professional to fix the color—she’ll likely end up with a color she likes and less damage. I did bad at-home highlights once as a teen that ended up as orange stripes. Tried to fix it and ended up with fuschia colored hair. Then used a darker permanent color and ended up with jet black hair. Finally, my mom took me to her hair stylist, and she was able to get it back to a nice brown color. I had damaged my hair though with all the processing and ended up cutting it pretty short.

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