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Intermediate Larson- Algebra 2?

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Is this complete Algebra 2? Or is it more of a developmental book?



I'd like to have a back up text for Foerster Algebra 2 later this year.

(ETA- I tried to compare TOC, but I'm having slow internet issues.)


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Okay, I'll answer my own question.


This is the newest version of the Larson series that Chalkdust uses, with a new title... it even continues the edition numbers from the previous series. This is 6th edition, but the first with this title "Algebra Within Reach". Someone else had connected that on the boards, and they do line up chapter and section (I should have saved the thread).


Anyhow, for anyone using the "Cool Math Guy" site, they line up with the table of contents in the "fifth edition" version mentioned as the book that lines up with the videos here: http://coolmathguy.com/precalculus


A quick check shows that they line up with Chalkdust's current Algebra 2 chapters and sections, too.


Questions- Any opinions on the Chalkdust/ Larson texts compared with Foerster for Algebra 2? (Right now, I plan to use the Larson as our back up text).


If you have Chalkdust for Algebra 2, is there anything available (or at the Cool Math Guy equivalent) more than the videos Larson offers for free here? Larson free videos/ helps/ solutions.

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