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I know this is late, but...my final line-up for this year.


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We're into our 4th week of school.  I always plan early, start up, switch things up, re-plan.  :(


What we are going with (after our 3 week trial run and a week of sampling :) )...


Bible- Rod & Staff

Math- MUS

Spelling- R&S (We will go back to SWR when the lesson plans are completed)

Grammar- Growing With Grammar

Writing- Essentials in Writing

Literature- Essentials in Literature (Reading selected books for ds10)

Science (first semester)- Exploration Education (LOVE it!), ds10- RSO Biology

History (second semester)- Biblioplan Medieval

Spanish- Getting Stared With Spanish

Art- Artistic Pursuits & See the Light DVDs

Music- Homeschool Group Chorus, Piano, ds10- Piano and Guitar



Help me to be accountable!  :)  I hope to bring up this post in May, 2018, with all checked off, complete!  :)




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Look at the accountability thread on the general board and enjoy your year!


I never seem to get past 'here.'   I forget there are other boards.  :)  I didn't realize there were others with the same syndrome as me!!   I'll check it out.




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