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Stained quilt Help!

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My dds had some bright pink putty in their room and managed to get it everywhere including ds's baby quilt that my grandmother made. There is an area about the size of a silver dollar where a thin layer of putty has dried. Any wise suggestions on how to clean it? The quilt is cotton and as luck would have it a very light background so the pink is very very obvious.

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You can use an ice cube to chill the putty and then gently scrape the chilled putty off with a dull knife or other tool.


The crayola website recommends using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol for the silly putty stain, followed by using dawn dish soap to scrub it out. Dawn is my go to for everything but I haven't done rubbing alcohol on cotton. Maybe do a test run on another piece of fabric or an inconspicuous area since this is an heirloom?

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After you scrape the putty off you can try a combination of 2 parts hydrogen peroxide (a new bottle, it has a shelf life after being opened) and 1 part Dawn dish detergent (the regular blue kind.) Spay it on and let it sit for a day then wash as usual. Hydrogen peroxide is a color safe way to bleach something. If it works some, but not entirely, you can do it again as many times as needed.  If that doesn't work you can try a smellier option requiring a lot of rinsing by spraying Goo Gone on it. I bought mine at a regular grocery store.  A store like Home Depot probably carries it too because it takes out grease and paint. It's color safe too but smells like being inside an orange rind.  Again, it might take several uses to get something all the way out. I've gotten out spaghetti sauce, ground in blueberries and make up with the those two methods.

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