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Dr. Hive: Peripheral Artery Disease?


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More info would be helpful.


My grandmother has this. Treatment in mild to moderate cases is to WALK as much as possible - yes, it hurts - take breaks as needed. It helps to strengthen all the little blood vessels that are trying to bypass the clogs.


Definitely see a vascular specialist.

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sorry it is too broad.  I'm not sure how to be more specific.  I'm told I'm "on the verge."  My ABI indicates an issue (?)  My old GP ordered the test, told me there were "concerns" but I never got a followup with him and I had to switch to a new provider.  The new one said she didn't think it was too much of a concern since I'm already on a beta blocker and I'm very proactive about my health.  VERY low cholesterol.  Good ratios.  But, I am concerned and want to avoid any problems if I can. 


Walking is usually my go-to for stress management and exercise but walking hasn't happened much this summer due to the nearly 100 degree temperatures. 

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