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Analytical Grammar supplements

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AG sells review booklets for that. You do one two page spread every other week, iirc. OR did you want something different than that?


Will it be enough to last a year though? We usually do a page daily or just test if she feels like she doesn't need more reinforcement. I know about the supplement book. I am beginning to second guess my purchase now.

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We've used the Reinforcement and Review book from AG.   I truly think it's enough to do one review page every 1-2 weeks.  


One thing we do with the main AG program is only schedule it 3-4 days a week, so that stretches it out a bit longer through the school year.   We have a co-op that meets on Fridays, and my kids take math classes at a different co-op on Wednesdays, so I only schedule grammar on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays once the co-ops begin in September.   So instead of Season 1 taking 10 weeks of 5 days per week, it took us about 16 weeks of 3 days per week.   Then there were 18 activities in the Reinforcement & Review book, so I think I had my kids do one per week rather than one every 2 weeks.  That worked well for us.

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It was enough review. They were doing a lot of writing and not having grammar issues. We may have done an occasional lesson from Kilgallon for variety. Really, though, if she isn't having trouble with the review lessons, you could probably find a bunch of more productive things to do! Maybe just have her do some of her own writing and diagram, diagram from her reading if you are comfortable enough to grade them.


We did half a review lesson every week and ended up with a few undone as we start the next year.

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We moved from Easy Grammar to Analytical Grammar.


Easy Grammar was a page-a-day program for us. We did a page a day in about 10 minutes. The material really stuck but by 5th grade we hit a wall with it. We had been diagramming on the side so I looked for a program that incorporated it. 


We switched to Analytical Grammar's three-year plan. I had the same concerns that you do. The program was more time-consuming than I had planned for. Maybe because we graded it together, and corrected it as we went. Or because diagramming got harder mid-season, and took longer. 


Midway through season one we slowed our roll.  I approached it the same as math, deciding it better to have regular repetition for a goal of mastery. Before I had let the kids skip exercises in math and grammar if they showed they knew it. But this came back to bite a few times when they seemed to know it in the shorter term, but not the longer (like when standardized tests gauged it months later.) 


For season two I outright scheduled two weeks per AG lesson. It was about 20-30 minutes a day for 3-4 days each week. Season two is seven units long, and we spent an entire semester on it. The following semester we did half of the reinforcement book and added in Grammar of Poetry. Season three we spent a full year on the sixteen units, and did a quarter of the review over summer before calling it good. We've revisited the review book even in high school when the occasional assignment shows a regression in grammar concepts. 


So my suggestion is to do it as AG schedules out, at least the first year until you see how AG works for you. 


Or plan a complementary study, like AG's writing component. We had our own writing program,  but we liked the Grammar of Poetry. :)

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