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  1. Does anyone still use them? I am not pleased with my daughter's fluency level and I wonder if they were worth the purchase. Or should I stick to having her read aloud to me from a book we are currently reading from?
  2. That is what I wound up doing. So far so good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I know but I want map work for weeks where we deviate from the plan and for Ancient Rome since we are beginning there with our studies.
  4. I need ideas for map work for K12 History Odyssey. We are starting with Rome and going into the Middle Ages combining Pandia Press HO Middle Ages Level 2 for some lessons.
  5. Does anyone have a schedule for this book?
  6. We actually tried CAP W&R last year, she hated it so badly that she began hiding her workbooks around the house. It was a mess although I enjoyed it. I think she just generally hates writing. We just finished our very first essay and she did well after we went back and did loads of edits. I am not sure that we should still be there in 6th grade.
  7. She did not like any parts of it. There was loads of moaning and groaning each day we tried it. I am thinking we may give the Writing Strands a try starting tomorrow.
  8. I need suggestions for writing curriculums outside of IEW. My kid does not like the DVDs but I do like the results it seems to produce. What are our other options for things as structured but less dry? ETA: We do own Writing Strands Book 3 and 4 but she did not like the lessons and how they were structured.
  9. Just am update. I finally just gave her my expectations and what I want her to accomplish for this week and she went for it. Turns out she doesn't like a lot of hand holding. Just direct instructions with goals. After zooming through what I gave her, she began adding extra things on her own that were much more than I planned. Right now she is researching how to emulate the book making process of the Middle Ages to attempt to craft a book on her own. I definitely need a chill pill. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I say that because those were the only subjects that looked anything like my vision for a well ordered, productive school in my head. I know after evaluating my thoughts that I need to lay off Pinterest and other blogs trying to emulate what works for them with considering does it work for my family and my daughter's learning styles. Last year wasn't a failure overall because she did extremely well on her standardized tests. I just feel it needs tweaking to get life done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have allowed her to choose all of her extracurriculars and the topics she wants to research. She spends a lot of time building, drawing, and crafting. Her goals are to become an engineer/ architect and Broadway performer. So Ive allowed her to explore in those areas. She actually asked to be homeschooled when we moved. She says she loves it at home.
  12. Brick and mortar is not a good choice for us right now. Our neighborhood schools are all failing and my daughter is uncomfortable with the thought of public school after visiting my fiance at work and seeing how some of the children behaved at her grade level. The class sizes are also too large. Our last traditional school was a small Christian school where everything worked extremely well outside of her being thoroughly challenged. She did the bare minimum there and aced her classes. That is not education we want for our child. We have always supplemented her education from the beginning. She has always been eager and quick to learn. I just always feel as if I am not teaching enough. We cover the 3Rs daily without issue other than her hating the longer readings. She also has Latin, dance, voice/instrument, and musical theatre classes. My planning of history and science are the major issues although she has learned loads by researching things for herself. It just looks very disjointed to me.
  13. It turns out that we do a lot. We touch on loads of things just in general conversation and spontaneous research during our day. My fiance looks over our daily log and is amazed at how many different topics we manage to cover in a day just by allowing her to be.
  14. She is 2e. She has ADHD, SPD, and anxiety but tested as gifted on the Cogats and in a private evaluation. Her areas of high giftedness are spatial and mathematics. She just has a hard time organizing her thoughts and getting them on paper but if she is sitting at a computer she can do amazing things. She is very much an auditory and kinesthetic learner.
  15. I am sorry. I thought I did come back to that conversation. We did get things accomplished but it was not enough to satisfy me and it was rather disjointed. We watched a lot of shows, discussed, and played games around the topics. However this being middle school for her and knowing her capabilities, I know I need to do more. She has expressed wanting to graduate early and I am trying to help her make it happen for herself. And that is exactly my issue. I was trying to create something to meet my crazy standards and wound up stressing myself out. As I sit and look at all the things surrounding me, nothing seems like enough. I pulled her because she was not being challenged enough. I think that I fell into the trap trying to fix what I feel was wrong with her education. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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