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  1. I have the voice of a little kid. More than once I've been asked to get my parents. :001_rolleyes: But I get it, whatever, they don't know. Except one lady kept insisting I was a child and repeatedly demanded that I put my parents on the phone, as if it was her personal mission to "out" any liars on the other end like she were the Cruella de Ville of Telemarketing. At first I reacted by trying to "prove" to her (in hindsight, I hate that I did that) but then I just told her I was hanging up. And I did, and I called my parents on another continent to complain about my stupid voice and - s
  2. Congratulations on your hard work - what an exciting thing to do, to publish a book!
  3. This sounds like a great compromise. My son doesn't have Asperger's, but he's the kind of kid where I get your husband's point. This kid deserves to know all of the information beforehand so he can make good, informed choices ... but all that does in the short-term is give the child something to argue, complain about, or otherwise make us regret giving him the information in such advance. And it's almost like he then hyperfocuses on that one aspect he feels is unfair or arguable, and it's exhausting, frustrating, and distracts him from our REAL goal of moving him forward. With my son I hav
  4. Body Hair: Natural vs. Removed Chili: Beans vs. No Beans Pet Names: People names are ok vs. People names are for people (Car) Blinkers: Always Use Them vs. Rarely Use Them Star Trek: Deep Space Nine vs. Next Generation Plane Passengers: Obey seat belt sign vs. Ignore seat belt sign PIN numbers: I Use a Birthday/Anniversary Date vs. Nope, I Use Something Else Zits: Pop 'Em vs. Ride 'em out Public Bathroom Habits: Hover vs. Sit Santa & Kids: harmless myth vs scarring lie Flossing: Daily vs. Crap, today is my dental appointment Dishwasher Loading:
  5. Let me ask you about a project. I sat for an Eagle BOR last week, for a young man I know well. He's newly 16, very intelligent, a natural leader, and all around great kid/scout/person. He is the poster child for the Scouting program. I'm wondering if the fact that I know him is clouding my perspective on his project. Here it is: He was working with a local wildlife group that regularly offers this as an Eagle project. They gave the boy a written proposal to submit to BSA. He did tweak it to be more in his own voice. Then he built ten bat houses to set up in the city park. The group ordered
  6. Special Events are mostly about social time and fellowship, so this should be an easy requirement for her to do. We're doing our Boards of Review this month, and here are some of the projects the girls have done: Bowling Night, Skate Night Themed sleepovers - Twilight Princess Party, backyard camping Small (unit-only) parties - movie night, karaoke, charades, Olympics "watch" party Small (outside) parties - choir performance at senior center, cookie decorating with parish preschool Crafting parties - no-sew blankets, painting rocks to distribute around church lot Tailgate party and gam
  7. :lol: I understand this completely! I think I'd throw myself a "one more promotion towards retirement" party - even if it's just a party with just me, a margarita, chips and salsa, and bad mariachi music playing at the local dive. I might even go so far as to allow my graduate to treat me, whether or not he attended! LOL
  8. I have four boys who were born in six years, so we've run into this from the opposite side. We have a girl in our life who has functioned as an honorary "sister" or "cousin" ... she's always been (assumed) to be invited to anything our family does - especially parties. She and my older two were in (different) public schools. At my oldest's sixth birthday, she was the only girl present and also the only child who didn't attend my son's school. She's very social and aware, and easy to get along with. But the other 5-6 years olds were brutal to her!! The theme was something stupid, and not especi
  9. I had one son who did this, and he didn't have any problems with the sequence. My other three did the traditional sequence. But MP's opinion differs some. Especially see Rule #2 in their article: https://www.memoriapress.com/articles/how-teach-logic/ I decided that the MP article was the "ideal" and my son's approach was "my reality" so ... take that FWIW! :lol:
  10. I know about, but have never read, Beyond the Birds & the Bees by the Popcaks. I've heard it talked about on Catholic radio, and I have a few friends who read everything by this couple. It's written to the parents. In trying to remember the exact name, I just looked on Amazon. Read the reviews, especially the 3 star reviews, to see if it's a good fit for your parenting ideology. I used the book mentioned above by Laura Corin and Rosie. It's an entire series, with books aimed at different age groups. It is written to the kids. We read it together, every book beginning with the first o
  11. Rosika


    I lean towards "finish what you start" in which case, I'd have him go through to the BOR even if it means investing time into the BBQ. I'd try to look at it as something I was doing to "thank" the troop for the years we participated as opposed to something I was doing to "appease" the troop so I could get my BOR. But the fact that they're trying to hold his rank hostage by delaying the BOR??? I'm annoyed on your behalf. I'd take it as a sign from God and the Universe that I'm supposed to tell this troop where they can shove their BBQ and their BOR. With this twist to the story, I'd honor
  12. I hope she loves your gift! My daughter started her own at about the same age. Now she's 12, and her desire to write down inspiring or thoughtful things she comes across is still going strong. It's fun to go back even two years to her first entries, and see how her perspective has (or hasn't!) changed, and where she "was" at that point in her life. Her latest entry was yesterday. We saw The Greatest Showman after reading comments here about it. She enjoyed the movie, but said the PT Barnum quote at the end was her favorite part. She wrote it in her book in the car. She always has it w
  13. It's the best feeling in the world, right? Not only does everything fall into place perfectly, but with sprinkles on top! :hurray:
  14. Only one of my sons picked up my ADD. He has always fought me on the planner systems. I finally had to force him to pick from one of three options ... that he didn't have to love it, but he had to use SOMETHING until he could figure out his OWN system. It was kind of like copy work before writing on your own, or the whole classical writing approach thing. It was a hill I had to die on, and I damn near did die LOL. He now has a system that makes no sense to me, but that has been working successfully for him. It's a hodgepodge of ideas and it made me nervous initially because it relied so m
  15. I don't have a suggestion, I'm just glad I have a bra for these things. :lol:
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