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water quality/filtration/help explain!


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Hi! I'm hoping someone knows about, or knows someone who can help me choose what kind of water filtration I need. I keep researching but it seems like it is pretty convoluted to someone who is uneducated about such matters. When I read my water report from the county it is like reading Greek...


I need to know what kind of water filters are options for the type of water that we have. I also need to know what kind of filters to get for my shower heads. From everything I read, it is important to choose filters that are very specific to the things that are in my water so that I know what I want filtered out... and that is where I would love some help! 



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For drinking water and cooking  I prefer a water purifier like the Berkey System. Gravity operated, no electricity, very uncomplicated but effective. Large charcoal filters do the job for you.

We put a filter on the outside between the pressure tank (well) and the house. If you are on city water, you may have to filter at the point where water enters the house.


Here is a link: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/whole-house-water-filter/

Hopefully there is something helpful mentioned.

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