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Powder Room Ceiling Light


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The 1/2 bath here has a sole ceiling fixture. The ceiling is 9' high. The room is roughly 5'x5' with a toilet and a pedestal sink. It has a window. With those things, plus the mirror and the one wall of a built-in cabinet with doors, every thing in there feels big.


I am thinking about swapping the flush mount ceiling fixture to a single pendant that would hang down about 2'. But, the pendant I like is 6" wide and 7" high (the actual light portion, obviously this doesn't include the 2' cord). Is that too tiny?


The general lighting rules state that you take the width plus the length of the room added together to determine how wide a light should be. So a 5'x5' room would be a light no larger than 10".


I'm on Pinterest. Lots of pics show the pendant hung above the sink in some way...but this would be from the center ceiling mount.







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That's not much light for a bathroom. Me, I'd go big with the fixture and be bold or else change it out to a bathroom fan (Panasonic Whispersonic, whatever) and then put a fixture on the wall.


A pendant like that sounds like it would catch dust and be fussy. Really though, you're just talking fashion. Be bold, do what you like. Function, like whether it's giving enough light, that's a different thing, because that will be really noticeable. And if the bathroom won't have a fan by putting in the pendant, well I'd want the fan. (exhaust fan, not the whirly ceiling fan thing) We have a bath a lot like that, and our guests like having the fan. It's quiet and makes people more comfortable. 

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