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Awarding math credits

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Please refresh my memory and correct if I am wrong.

Aops Algebra B class (covers second half of Intro book) - 0.5 credits

Geometry class - 1 credit even though it's only 24 weeks long?

Intermediate Algebra - 1 credit

Counting and Probability - 0.5 credit


What about competition math courses? Say my kid takes Adcanced AMC course, should I award some credit? How much? 0.25? If not should I just list as extracurricular?

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Looks right to me. I counted the AMC prep courses as math electives, and gave 0.25 credit, but I'm interested to hear what others have to say.

What did you do about the grade? They don't provide grades for competition prep classes, correct?

Should I put pass/fail instead of a grade?

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