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Monarch Spanish

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My middle dd used Spanish 2 from Monarch.  our goal was to have a regular high school level class. Not trying to place out or get credit (edit for clarity: college levels), or anything like that. In ideal world, I would have outsourced to real class. But ideal wasn't there. I needed something that could do the grading, etc.  We liked it. I found it easy to use for grading, etc.  She stayed engaged with the reading and videos.  I could have made it harder by assigning optional projects. I didn't do that.

For year 1 of Spanish she had used a program on discover education streaming (educacion espanol) which was a video program made in the 90s. That was good. I wasn't sure if it was 2 high school years, or just one.  I decided it was one year. We also enjoyed watching Destinos and finished Destinos while doing Monarch Spanish 2.


dislikes: I think I remember lacking some confidence in some of the sentence writing essays.  I know there were teacher helps for it. I know on some other thread out there, I probably mentioned issues with server not being reached or dropping out.  But that turns out it was my end of things (with our wifi server box) and not at all Monarch's issue.


likes: already said, it was easy to set up and follow along.  my kid was fine with it. There were options to have it all read out loud.  We liked that it was not immersion style. a few fun games.


It helped us reach our goal which were exposed to the language and not being afraid to try.  We had no need to test out for college. Needed something for second year course and this was good enough.

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