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Latin Alive vs Third Form

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Anyone have experience and could tell me the difference between the two and which they prefer?  My daughter did First Form and Second Form (but in a co-op setting).  Next year she will not have a co-op that offers Latin.  I like the looks of Latin Alive CAP a bit better and it seems to help prepare better for the National Latin Exam.  Any would I start with Latin Alive I?

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If you switched to Latin Alive, the recommendation from CAP is to start with Book 1.  And yes, I have heard that Latin Alive does prepare you well for the NLE.


Would you be doing this while still working on your own or as part of an online class?  If on your own, Third Form would be easier to do independently, I believe, since you've already done First and Second Form.

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We just switched from the Forms to Latin Alive 1. The scopes are different enough that we switched after First Form even though I had already bought Second Form. Dd has had a lot of elementary Latin and decided the Forms were moving too slow. We have a used set, but got the videos, so I think she'll be pretty independent.

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