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Tapestry of Grace

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Hey everyone, I am new here and trying to work out my plans for next year. I have a 9th,6th, 7th and 4th grader next year. When my oldest was young we started with AO, but I abandoned it when my second came into gr1 because I couldn't do that many read aloud. We had several years where a co-op controlled some of our choices. We will be fully at home this next year. My oldest has requested to go back to what she remembers as lots of books. I am looking at TOG, but I am just not sure if I can justify the expense. This past year, my oldest had to work more independently than she liked. She wants to go back to reading the same books together and discussing them. It is so easy to get fought up in helping the younger kids and leave her on her own. I like that TOG comes with discussion helps. I am trying to decide if Tapestry is worth the expense. Thoughts?

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Your path sounds a lot like mine.  Except I still have two in a co-op that controls their choices, and two who are not.  Anyway, I started with AO and occasionally still draw from it, but couldn't keep it going as written with so many.  I tried TOG a couple times.  It was hard for me to work with because of my own mindset.  I really like to have one spine that we read through all year (in equal chunks every week), and then add extra books along side.  TOG has several spines and some weeks might be heavier and some weekly lighter.  It is a chronological unit study, and it was the unit study aspect that didn't work well for me.  Also, no one can do everything offered in TOG; it's a buffet.  It felt like too many decisions to me, and even if I tried to make them all ahead of time, then I second guessed them, etc.  


Anyway, that was my experience.  Lots of people love it.  If they still offer the free 3-week sample I would suggest you print it out and use it to plan 3 weeks and do it.  See how you like it.  That's the best way to get a feel for it.  If that's successful, maybe buy 1 unit (9 weeks) and do that.  You'll know after 9 weeks if you want to keep going or abandon it for something else.  

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Thanks ladies :). Lynn, im sure you're right that the best thing is to buy one 9 week unit and go from there. I like to do lots of planning in the summer, so its hard for me to only plan 9 weeks.


Upennmama, do you use the Tapestry writing program or do you add something else? My dd has been using WWS and improving in her writing and needs lots more practice in essay writing.

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