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  1. Unfortunately, his school did a ton of stuff digitally and I have no access to the final
  2. Well, there is no textbook for me to review with him to see exactly where things went wrong. I do have his grades for each unit, which were averaged for his final grade. he failed the following units with a combo of mildly confused/ didn’t turn in assignments; functions, polynomials, rational functions, rational exponents, right triangles and constructions. he passed units on coordinate geometry, circles, logs and exponents and probability. by some miracle, he managed to get a C on the final to pass the class.
  3. Here I have another question about bringing my son home from PS. I graduated one homeschool student last year, but pulling a kid out of the public school to play catch up at home makes me feel like a newbie all over again I am trying to figure out what to do for him this year for math. I am comfortable enough with math to guide him through a curriculum, but not to design my own He took Alg 1 in grade 8 at home using Saxon. He went to PS in 9th grade where he took integrated math 2 , which was a shortened year due to the pandemic. He took integrated math 3 in 10th, which he barely passed and will be at home for his 11th and 12th grade year. when he was in middle school, I would have said he was good at math, but now he has zero confidence in his abilities. I want him to be prepared to do well on the SAT/ ACT, and it would be a nice bonus if he began to enjoy math again on my homeschool shelf I have Saxon Alg 2, Advanced Mathmatics, Jacobs Geometry and Math U See precalculus, and I do have the budget to purchase something else He has expressed interest in redoing Geometry His transcript should reflect progress since he has passed all his math courses, but he needs remediation. any math folks that can help me sort this out?
  4. I have an 11gr ds coming home from public school. He was homeschooled k-8 and is coming back home due to pandemic disruption of his education. With only 2 years left, i am trying to accommodate his preferences and get in graduation requirements. He is mildly dyslexic, so the text at or slightly below grade level would be preferred. Would love to include movies as part of the curriculum. I’d want to spend no more than 4 hours/week on us history. I’m willing to spend some money for a preplanned curriculum. I have looked at Sonlight 100, but most of the included historical fiction seems well below his interest level, stuff he listened to as audiobooks already. So, I don’t think the sonlight package is worth the price for us. So, what else is out there for high school US history?
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I am concerned about the immersive/ speaking aspect. I know no one who speaks irish, and of course, if his interests lie in Celtic music, I’m afraid he will bore quickly with Duolingo translation exercises.
  6. I am doing Sonlight core E with my 8th grader next year. She has dyslexia and we have been pretty unschool for history up until this point. It seems like the student output for this curriculum is mostly discussions. So, I was wondering if it might be a good idea to add the sonlight lapbook kit to give her a sense of accomplishment and tangible output. I haven’t done lapbooks since my oldest was in elementary school. Has anyone used the lap book kit and reviewed it? Would it be too “babyish” for a middle schooler? Her academic skills are upper elementary, but she is very socially aware if something is made for younger kids.
  7. My ds will be a junior next year and is interested in taking Irish. Does anyone has any suggestions or reviews of resources? I know Rosetta Stone and Duolingo both offer Irish, but I don’t know what to add to make those into a full course. He currently wants to take Irish because he has an interest in traditional Celtic music
  8. Thanks for your insight. I think some of this will help guide our discussion. I have graduated one high schooler from home, so I know the work involved and I am nervous about bringing them home if they are not on board. it seems that people often give the advice that it is easier to try public school and leave if it doesn’t work out than it is to enter later. I feel like I made a mistake letting them try school out. Their school offers them some potential good opportunities, but they are content with barely sliding by. It’s so hard watching them fail and be powerless to help. thanks for responding to my question
  9. I have two students in a public lottery high school in my town. They were both homeschooled through 8th grade. My son’s freshman year was when everything shut down in March. They both “attended” virtually this past year. The school is highly rated, but I am unhappy with the academics and my kids grades are a poor. I want to bring them back home, but they want to go to school for social reasons. I feel like I am looking at this problem for every angle and I still don’t know what to do. Any insight on questions I should consider, or how to go about deciding where they should continue their high school? My ds is going into 11th grade and my dd into 10th
  10. I have been lurking on the boards forever. I am graduating my oldest this year. I have a 10th and 9th grader in public school virtually, who both hope to go in person next year. My youngest with LDs is in 7th grade with a plan to homeschool all the way through.
  11. Super easy in my area. Lots of appointments available within the week. Every 16+ in my house has gotten at least one dose
  12. Now I am really looking forward to trying sonlight! I want to do DE with her, since she had requested American history, but I don’t think she is quite ready for the high school core
  13. I really appreciate the feedback! This is my final dc at home. My oldest is graduating and my middles have entered public school. So, just me and 12yo next year. I am looking for a program that has most of the planning done for me, but doesn’t feel like recreating the public school at home
  14. I am considering Sonlight/ bookshark DE for my 12yo dd next year for grade 8. She has moderate dyslexia and prefers “real” books to a textbook since she can often find them on audio. We have been pretty unschooly for History and lit up to this point, but she is asking for more. I am wondering about the religious flavor of sonlight. We are Christians, but pretty liberal and try to avoid providential views of history. That said, my dd is interested in some of the religious sounding books, so I thought I’d ask here. thanks for any feedback
  15. Have you ever heard the story of Jamie and His Luck? A man thinks he has bad luck, but only because he can’t see the opportunities right in front of him. He has a friend who is a bit wiser and takes advantage of the opportunities that Jamie passses by.
  16. Thanks for all these ideas! My dd has taken some state required testing, but there always seem to be issues on the with the testing. One year it got cancelled due to tech issues and another year the testing was only partially completed. She usually scores average to slightly below average. We do have some ADHD in the family and one known dyslexic but i am pretty sure this dd does not have dyslexia. We deal with some level of school refusal for writing because she thinks it is “boring.” One issue we have is the amount of editing/ proofreading makes writing feel like it is never complete and she has trouble seeing her progress. I like the look of the Evan-Moor so far. The workbook style may be motivating for her. She can type, but needs to bring that up to a better speed.
  17. My 14yo dd has been homeschooled since K and will be attending PS for high school this coming fall. She really struggles with writing and I want to find the best way to get her ready for 9th grade english. My ds also went to PS this past year and english was one of his struggles. He had trouble moving from summarizations and fact reporting to analytical writing. My dd has completed WWS 1 but her assignments generally meet the rubric in the most minimal fashion. My dd loves to read but prefers middle grade novels such as Harry Potter and Holes, so she found the reading selections in WWS quite difficult. What would you recommend to get her prepared to write in high school?
  18. Thanks ladies :). Lynn, im sure you're right that the best thing is to buy one 9 week unit and go from there. I like to do lots of planning in the summer, so its hard for me to only plan 9 weeks. Upennmama, do you use the Tapestry writing program or do you add something else? My dd has been using WWS and improving in her writing and needs lots more practice in essay writing.
  19. Hey everyone, I am new here and trying to work out my plans for next year. I have a 9th,6th, 7th and 4th grader next year. When my oldest was young we started with AO, but I abandoned it when my second came into gr1 because I couldn't do that many read aloud. We had several years where a co-op controlled some of our choices. We will be fully at home this next year. My oldest has requested to go back to what she remembers as lots of books. I am looking at TOG, but I am just not sure if I can justify the expense. This past year, my oldest had to work more independently than she liked. She wants to go back to reading the same books together and discussing them. It is so easy to get fought up in helping the younger kids and leave her on her own. I like that TOG comes with discussion helps. I am trying to decide if Tapestry is worth the expense. Thoughts?
  20. Thanks! That is a lot of stuff to check out. I know what I will be doing this afternoon.
  21. I am working on my upcoming 9th graders plan for next year and am trying to figure out History and Lit. I want to follow TWTM suggestions but I feel terribly inadequate to discuss these books with her. I have been looking at TOG year 2, hoping that it would help me through the discussion and writing she needs to work through these resources. These are my thoughts comparing these two courses of study I have already SWB's high school middle ages book, but I don't know how to incorporate primary sources. I also already have SOTW 2 for the youngers. I really feel stuck when thinking about discussion and evaluating papers for my high schooler. TOG moves through the middle ages quite a bit faster, going all the way to the French Revolution by the end of year 2. TOG leaves out a few resources that I would like to include. I have younger children so the whole family portion of TOG appeals to me, but I have some concerns about some of the titles that are used for the younger students. I have considered just buying the first two units of TOG and going more in depth,but If I am going to write half of my plan, why not just do the whole thing myself? I am wondering if there is a resource that would help me lead my HS student through medieval lit and add primary sources to what I already have.
  22. Thanks everyone! Now I just need to decide if my soon to be 9th grader is doing geometry next year or if I will have her do-over Algebra. We worked through the first half of AOPs algebra this year. She really struggled and I'm not sure how well she has retained it.
  23. Hello everyone! This is my first post on the board. I received today a Jacobs Geometry 2nd edition, which was published in the late 1980s. I know there is at least one updated edition of the Jacobs text, but is there any reason not to use this one, even though it is 30 years old?
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