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How do I get this shower??


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I know nothing.


We're in the beginning stages of planning a remodel of the very small master bath. We stayed at a hotel that had a "plastic" shower (no idea what it is made of) that looked just like tile. You could only tell it wasn't tile when you touched the fake grout. That is exactly what I want!! Down with grout!! So, anybody know what that stuff is called? And how do I find someone to install it?? I know lots of tile guys, but i don't know if I need a tile guy.

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I believe you can get panels like that, as well as whole prefab shower enclosures with that kind of panel, at Home Depot and Lowe's. There are special strips that seal the corners if you're doing panels. One of the showers in my current house has those — it's not obvious until you look closely that it's not real tile.

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