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new burn treatment


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this is just amazing.  it's still very early - they've only used it on maybe 60 people.  but wow.   we had an acquaintance years ago who had extensive 3rd degree burns after a house fire. (typical little kid - his son ran back inside and hid under his bed. we knew them at the time.)  initially they weren't even sure if he was going to live.  he had to wear a pressure suit and glove for a year to minimize scarring. he said skin grafts were horribly painful - and the night before his last was scheduled he was in tears at the prospect just because of the thought of the pain.

I've recently become acquainted with his mother - and it's brought some of those memories back.


eta: clarity things I left out.  he went in the house to find his son and get him out.  he'd previously had skin grafts - so he knew the pain firsthand.

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