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What writing program for my 6th grader?

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My oldest will be in 6th grade this fall. She did WWE for 3 years and was in ps for 4th. (I'm not sure what they used but she loved writing in ps and the writing assignments I read were quite good.) This year for 5th she is using Writers in Residence, which I do not really like for a number of reasons. Truthfully, her writing this year is rather dull compared to what she did in 4th/ps. She's also had a few meltdowns about writing assignments this year. We took a few weeks off and she seems to be okay with it now. She is also doing outlining for history and science.


I really want to go back to dictation exercises, as I think that skill is important. We did some samples from Writing and Rhetoric Narrative II during her break from Writers in Residence and she didn't love it. Are there other options besides WWS that have dictation? I'm worried it would be too overwhelming, though I know we could slow the pace down and alternate with something else. (which would be ???) 


Another option I've considered is outsourcing to a local instructor/class that uses Writeshop I. I don't know anything about the book, but thought she might benefit from a "not Mom" teacher iykwim. 


Any other suggestions? Dh and I both want to foster her love of writing and help her grow in writing skills.







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