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Not sure what you're asking? Are you looking for an e-reader device like a kindle or nook that are free? I don't know any of those that are free. They all cost, like any technology.


If you are looking for an e-reading app for another device, like iPad or phone, then both kindle and nook will have free books available and the apps themselves are free. Most books cost, but most Classics and some modern books are available for free.


Overdrive, through your library would likely offer free books to check out and that app itself is free.

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Kindle has free books. And I can "send to Kindle" and on some devices those documents will show up in my Kindle app. Sometimes some free eBooks obtained elsewhere can be sideloaded into a Kindle app.


One some devices I have been given the option to send a book to the free overdrive app. It can do more than download library books.

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Lots of links for books here: http://defectivebydesign.org/guide/ebooks


You can pick up an old 32 bit laptop/tablet convertible on eBay or maybe your local freecycle or your friends' closet, basement, or attic if you're having hardware issues. .epubs don't need as much RAM/CPU as .pdfs but I have no trouble with .pdfs on a Lenovo X60 that's older than my kid.

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