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anyone ever try

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amantadine for asd or adhd? at least one study shows it supposedly helps with dopamine and NMDA receptors.


I've been taking dudeling to a ND, and he's made tremendous progress with her.  however . .. the opposition/lack-of-cooperation is not making progress and the stakes are getting higher . . so

this is what she's recommended.  it was orginally an antiviral -but recently has been tried for add and asd. . . dosage is the same - dosing varies.    while she's comfortable managing it - she's referring him to a ped. neuro. for further evals.  (he was originally diagnosed by the medical school's child dev center.)


I asked 2dd (pharmd), but she's mostly worked inpatient so childhood asd/adhd is not something she deals with much - if ever.  (though it's also showing promise for parkinson's - so she might see it for that.)


we're trying this while waiting to get into the ped. neuro.

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You would need to keep an eye out for any side effects?

When the dosage is to high, it can accumulate and become Toxic.  So that the dosage needs to be used cautiously.


But its increase of available Dopamine, seems to be focused on a part of the brain regulating the Motor cortex. 

Which is how it helps with Parkinson's Disease.


Though what is interesting, is how it helps with Autism?

As with Autism, it has been identified that commonly their is over-production of Glutamate.

Which has an 'excitation function on neuron receptors'.

Where an over-supply, will attach to unintended receptors.  Which will activate them, 


That in turn, results in uncontrolled behaviours.

Causing what is termed as 'Excito-toxicity'.


But what is interesting about Amantadine, is that it has an inhibitory effect on Glutamate production.

Bringing it back to normal levels.

Which is how it can help with Autism.

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