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How to talk to teen about depression?


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I'm starting to wonder if my 17 yr old is getting depressed. He was diagnosed with mild to moderate depression at 11 years old, but addressing his Aspergers helped that, and he's done well. But lately, in the last month I'd say, he's sleeping more and more during the day and awake later and later at night. Fine, he's always been a night owl. But he's missed some classes now (he does dual enrollment) and skipped easter family time at my sister's, and then yesterday I was going to take him to get his hair cut but he didn't want to get up out of bed and go. It was 2pm!!!! 


He later SAID that he was up late th night before working on a project, and that he knew he had to help a friend with a computer issue that afternoon so didn't have time for a haircut (he did get up out of bed before we left, but wouldn't go with us...he was the one asking for a hair cut for weeks!). But he didn't say that at the time and I don't know if I believe him. 


Now he's not sad. But I know depression can manifest in other ways, and need to talk to him about that. Maybe a checklist he could look at? He has a strong family history of depression/anxiety on his father's side..his father has had life long debilitating depression and anxiety, and ex's mother, brother, and grandfather did as well. 


Because DS also has Asperger's it is hard to tell what is what, and even harder to get him to listen to me and take me seriously. He has refused to see a therapist in the past, but might now. Hard to say. 



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