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Random calls during the "sleeping" hours! Or, maybe not random - targeted?


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Last night, well it was really this morning during our sleep we received 2 calls.  Back up - in addition to our mobile phones, we still have a landline (personal preference).  We don't leave our mobiles on 24/7 b/c we have a landline.


Those calls came in on our landline at 12:27 am and 4 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They woke me up.  The 4 one woke dd up.  I'm groggy today. 


I decided not to pick up b/c I was hoping they would leave a msg.  Each call came in and each party hung up after our answering machine kicked in.


Who would do this? 


Let me add that we have caller id and "screen" our calls.  Could it be that a company/organization that is calling is ticked we're not picking up and they made these 2 "targeted" calls?

Will it help if I call the phone company?  I REALLY do NOT want this happening again.  Do I leave the phone off the hook? 

What to do?!?!?!?!?!!!???


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Did your caller ID pick up the phone numbers?  If I get a call from a number I don't recognize, and there is no message, I'll google the number. Most often it's a spam call.  But we have in the past gotten calls that were wrong numbers (drunk people) late at night or very early in the morning.  Most people in that situation would hang up when the answering machine kicked in. 


What makes you think some company or organization is targeting you?  That seems unlikely.   



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Most likely wrong numbers. Or drunk people. or both.


I cannot imagine a scenario where an organization would do this. What company do you think would be calling in the middle of the night, and for what purpose?


I don't see what calling the phone company can accomplish. You can take the phone off the hook or unplug it overnight.

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