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Looking for Big Picture map

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Hoping for some help.   I am trying to help my wife feel good about our plan and goals.  Do any of you have a big picture/high level outline of grade level goals.  My wife is not a detail person and we have a bunch of kids.  The big picture helps the details flow.  I am looking for something very brief for all grade levels.  For example: 8th Grade - Algebra 1; biology; US history; foreign language;  etc.  
I am sure this is out there but all I have found on the web is heavy detail or nothing.  If you can point me to something, I would appreciate it.
Pago the Dad

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It depends on what you (and your children!) want to accomplish though.

For instance, will you be trying to match the typical course of study in your state/province/country?

Will you be trying to do a four-year history cycle three times?  (In which case 8th grade would be Modern History rather than American history.)

If you're doing the 4-year history cycle, will you be matching the science suggestions to the history per the suggestions in WTM?  Or following the local pattern instead?


Does your family want to do more foreign language than your local area, or are you content to follow their patterns?

Do your children have any particular passions that you want to focus more time and effort on that the typical pattern of study would?

And so on.

It really does depend on what your goals are as a family, and for each child.

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The book "Home Learning Year by Year" helped me a lot. However, I would not recommend trying to cover everything that the book suggests for each child. There simply wouldn't be enough time in the day. You're best option is to combine as many kids as possible for content studies (history, bible, science, geography). Also, don't do each of these every day. (For example : study history M,W,F and study science T,R)


Follow the same staggered model with some of the core subjects (spelling, handwriting, English). The only subject I would not stagger is Math. Math is every day.

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