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Organizing thread, week 4, March 27-April 2


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Oh boy, I fell down on the job last week.


I didn't do anything last week because we had company and I was working on just cleaning the house to get ready.


But this week I am doing a full 2 days of house.   I will hopefully FINISH over Spring Break in 3 weeks.


This week:


1.  Tackle the office, HUGE job.  Paperwork in order, toss old stuff, etc


2.  I will also be finishing the attic, EVERYTHING out, dealt with, tossed, organized, put back in bins and labeled.  It isn't a huge job as there isn't that much in there, but it needs to be done (it was started last week) before the heat of the summer hits.


3.  Keep going on basement.  An overwhelming job that may take most of the time up to Spring Break and maybe into Spring Break.


The garages are waiting for Spring Break.


And I will be listing sale items over Spring Break.



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I'd do the attic first, to keep your momentum up!


I'm bogged down in office week. We did a huge purge before our last move, and I'm doing my yearly post-move tuneup. Last week I went through clothing and toys and kitchen items.  I am bogged down in our office.  I burned out my old shredder in my office purge, bought a new one from Costco, and shredded the equivalent of a filing cabinet drawer.  I replaced my printer drum and toner (which conveniently needed help during office week), and I'm 80% back to good in the office.  Unfortunately, all of the leftover bits take brain power, time, and some work to finish up.


I just have my garage, emergency kits, and garden shed left to go!  I estimate 3 hours for my garage (clean, straighten, pull out beach gear for summer), 3 hours for my emergency kits (unpack, sort, replace items, repack), and 2 hours for my garden shed.  I still need to sharpen the blades on the lawnmower and do some bigger tasks out in the shed which will take time.

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They are 72 hour kits---in case of wildfire evacuation, storm damage, etc. Here's a few examples of supply lists:




I've had to evacuate on 5 minutes notice.  As I drove away from the house that afternoon, I realized that I might only be left with what I had been able to put into the car....my children, my elderly family member, a jewelry box, a couple of electronics, and some medication.  I really didn't care about the jewelry, but the irreplaceable photos.  Ugh. I felt SO ILL. We were lucky--they stopped the fire two blocks away--but the list of all that I would've lost is still engraved in my brain.


So, I bought emergency backpacks for everyone.  I change out clothing, food/water, and medications twice a year.  I also check batteries (flashlights), add supplies, back up my computers onto secured usbs that I put into the kits, take recent photos of the house, etc.   A few things that I don't ever see listed on 72 hr kit lists that I think SHOULD be listed: goggles if you don't wear glasses and you think you might get caught up in a wildfire (cars do not filter out smoke well!), and emergency toileting items for the car (because if you're evacuating--odds are thousands are too and the highways become a parking lot).  I also sent usb drives with photos and documents to a few other places, and did some online digital backups.  


There are entire websites about how to put kits together.  Given that an estimated 40% of the population has under evacuation orders at some point--having 72 hour kits is prudent for everyone.

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This week I'm focusing on the downstairs. It is great having the upstairs finished. It has been decluttered and organized for a week and the time it takes to clean it is ridiculous. The 5 of us can(౩ oldest, dh, and myself) can get the entire upstairs cleaner in 30 minutes. This includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


Today I cleared out the entryway, which is the downstairs catch all area. All I have to do there now is empty the side table there so I can get rid of it. It is broken and we have a replacement sitting in my parents' garage I'll pick up on Sunday.


Tomorrow I'll focus on the living room. This has lots of the kids toys so it'll be quite the job.


After that is done I'll reevaluate. My hope is to be done inside this week and be able to work on the garage next week.

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Office is DONE!  


Laundry room is DONE!


It took us over 4 hours to do both of the above.  The rooms aren't even CLEAN, as in, I still need to vacuum and dust, etc....but two large garbage bags are filled, things are organized and put in their proper place, and things are dealt with.


Tomorrow I don't have her coming, but I plan to work on the attic and my son's room, which is off the attic, and has a lot of MY stuff in it.

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