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Reviews of the updated BJU Science 6 Distance Learning

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When I say updated, I mean the newer one without Mrs. Vick teaching. BJU's Science 6 was one of our favorite classes. The the last time I had a sixth grader, Mrs. Vick taught the class and she made the class awesome. Can anyone let me know if the new video instructors are just as good, or maybe even better?


ETA: I wasn't impressed by the sample clip with Mr. Harmon.

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I have a 9 year old and 11 year old using it this year, and we are really liking the course. Mr. Harmon and Mrs. Erickson take turns teaching the different units. Mrs. Erickson teaches the units that have to do with biology while Mr. Harmon teaches the rest of the units. 


We have used several of Mrs. Vick's classes. She really is hard to compare to, but I definitely like this course's teachers better than some others. Both teacher's have a passion for their subjects.


Some things that I have noticed about this science course vs. earlier grades.

- It seems like quite a few of the labs are not done on video to the extent that they are in the lower grades (possibly Mr. Harmon's more so than Mrs. Erickson's labs).

- I seem I remember Mrs. Vick does an excellent job on the review lesson for each chapter. Mr. Harmon gives more of an outline detailing what you need to know for the test. Mrs. Erickson's chapter review seems a little more thorough. (I have to help my 9 year old study more for the chapter tests because the review doesn't seem to be quite enough).

-The classes vary in length. - I love this!

- Mr. Harmon has a sense of humor that my sons really like. Mrs. Erickson is very energetic and lively and holds their attention well. 


I just went and watched part of the sample clip of Mr. Harmon and that is pretty much what you get with him. If you go to 10th grade biology and watch starting at around 12:45 mark you will see a sample of Mrs. Erickson. The biology class is significantly more advanced, but you will get an idea of what her teaching style is - she uses her hands a lot! 


Hope that helps.


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