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Parent timeline for counselor's common app stuff

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Just curious about experienced families timeline for the counselor parts of the common app.


When did you start working on the different parts?

I pencilled into my calendar a few weeks in July & August.


Ds wants to get his apps in early. But I can already tell the essay will take him a long time,he hates writing, especially for prompts like those.


I have been sort of working on my course descriptions, but have not even thought about counselor letter, school profile, etc. Pretty clueless about what to write.


Is there a date that the common app "opens" for the next year? To actually start uploading documents.


I should start thinking about this stuff, I suppose.... It's almost April.



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The Common App opens in August.  My goal has been to have all of my documents ready to upload by the time the Common App opens, so I don't have to worry with my part of the application once we are back to full-time schooling in the fall.


My oldest worked on his apps the beginning of the fall and had all of his apps in by the middle of September.  My younger son only applied to one school and had his stuff completed by the end of August.


Good luck getting your documents done.  It is a great feeling when they are finished!

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I'm thinking I'll try to get my mom to keep the littles for a couple of half days soon to give me time to work on them in peace. If I start soon, I'll have an idea of how long it's all going to take. I can't think with them running around, lol.


I like the idea of having it all done & ready to upload. Things are crazy here come Sept every year.

We have a few more colleges to visit between now & then, plus he's re taking the SATs but not until the August date, not sure if he'll have scores back in time, but can't do the May or June dates this year.


He wants to make the early decision deadlines & plans to work on essays over the summer, we'll see how that goes.



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Every year, grades 9-12: Update transcript and course description files each semester or annually, and an ongoing awards list as won.


School profile: rough draft junior year, final copy senior year


Summer before 12th: Counselor letter. This is hard! Start an idea file about a month before you write it and jot down thoughts as they come. Set aside focused time to draft it without distractions.

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