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Handwriting for super-independent kids

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My daughter really hates to be taught anything.  She is very quick and pretty well advanced. She likes to ask questions but hates to be directly instructed. She taught herself to read at age 2 with this method and subsequently taught herself to write by copying letters from a chart inside a notebook of lined paper. Because of this, she forms all her letters in a very bizarre manner. She writes a TON and doesn't like to be slowed down, so all handwriting lessons at the table have failed miserably this year. Her handwriting is pretty much the same as it was 4 years ago. I'm ready to pay someone to work with her, or sign her up for a calligraphy class or something. 


Before I give up completely, does anyone have any suggestions for self-instruction in letter formation? I know it is not common and not even recommended but she is a different sort of kid. I use the word independent but stubborn also applies :) Her patience for listening to me is only about 2 minutes, but if she had self-instruction materials she could go 5-6h a day. Very long attention span.  Is there a good series of calligraphy videos out there perhaps?   I'm open to ideas!

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I just need her to stop making her lower case R look like a cyrillic block letter g :)

HWOT letter formation for lowercase


Lowercase cursive


Parent resource page https://www.hwtears.com/hwt/parents/parent-extras

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Oh this! She likes it! I showed it to her right before bed and she wanted to do it right away. If she isn't interested by morning, I'll give her the option of going to bed or staying awake to work on handwriting tomorrow :-p She did already want to know why the C is magic though, and how you could make an e if you don't know how to play baseball. 


I ordered the kindergarten and 1st grade HWT books and some of that special paper that has yellow highlighting on the base line as she does have some odd letter orientation wrt the lines. I am sure I could just highlight some myself but she goes through oddles of paper a day.

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